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Solar Showdown

Small Car, Big Impact - Fuelling innovation through the power of the sun

Join ANU Solar Racing for a thrilling journey of miniaturised solar car racing and witness the future of practical sustainable education unfold on the track. This event brings together ACT students to showcase their creativity and engineering skills, capture the spirit of innovation, and ignite their competitive spirit by utilising the power of teamwork, all in one exciting and dynamic experience. With the assistance of ANU Solar Racing teams can design and build their own cars as they accelerate towards an extraordinary future with the potential of becoming State Champions!

Leveraging API for Solar Racing: A Deep Dive into Weather Data Integration

In the world of solar racing, where innovation and precision are paramount, having access to real-time and accurate weather data can make all the difference…

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SEC 2023

In a momentous journey, the ANU Solar Racing team once again participated in the prestigious 2023 Smart Energy…

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SEC 2022

The 60th edition of the Annual Smart Energy Conference (SEC) and exhibition proved to be…

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ANU to compete in World Solar Challenge

ANU team set off for World Solar Car Challenge 2023

The Australian National University (ANU) solar car team are ready to set off on an adventure, leaving Canberra on Saturday 30 September…

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Solar Team Interview

Tindo Solar Trip

Dr Foley visits ANU Solar Racing

MTAA Supercharge Unveiled

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