ANU Solar Racing

Powered by the sun, driven by innovation

ANU Solar Racing is the Australian National University’s official solar racing team. We are a 100% student-run team that designs and builds solar powered cars to compete in the biennial Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC).
Our vision is to be a globally recognised community dedicated to innovation, education and furthering the development of sustainable technology.


Our goal is to push the boundaries of sustainable technology, and we’re thrilled to be competing in the 2025 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) with our solar car.

The BWSC is a gruelling 3,022-kilometer race taking competitors from Darwin, racing their way through the Australian outback, and finishing under the chequered flag in Adelaide.

Countdown to the 2025 BWSC


Meet our TEAM

We’re a team of passionate students who are dedicated to promoting sustainable innovation and renewables in our community and beyond.

At ANU Solar Racing, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion within our team.

Through our inclusive recruitment practices, we take pride in having a team that is representative of the diversity found in our community. Over half of our team members identify as women or from gender diverse backgrounds, and we remain committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all.

The team consists of three branches: technical, operational and business. The technical branch is further divided into electrical, mechanical, aerodynamics, and software sub-teams.

Meet our CARS

Our latest 3rd generation solar car features a lightweight carbon-fibre, trimaran-style chassis and is powered by a 98% efficient motor that weighs only six kilograms.

Our cars boast a rich history, including the involvement a Renault engineer in the design of our first generation. Countless hours of hard work, determination, have been poured into each generation of our vehicles. On top of the invaluable lessons in engineering we’ve learnt, we take pride in the journey that has led us to where we are today.


Our partners are an essential part of our family. They are dedicated to promoting sustainable innovation and supporting our team’s mission to compete and innovate at the highest level. They are also championing diversity in STEM through our diverse team.

We are grateful for the support and their shared commitment to who we are at ANU Solar Racing.