ANU Solar Racing Team’s Unforgettable Ride to the Smart Energy Conference 2023: The second edition

By Nurhan Raihan, 22 June 2023

In a momentous journey, the ANU Solar Racing team once again participated in the prestigious 2023 Smart Energy Conference (SEC), leaving an indelible mark on the renewable energy landscape for the second time round. Their experience was filled with inspiration, challenges, and remarkable achievements. 

The team’s decision to choose the Smart Energy Conference as their destination was driven by a desire to witness the evolution of such events. They were keen to explore how industries are transforming, the crucial discussions taking place, and the government’s response to pressing energy issues. The ANU Solar Racing team saw this conference as an opportunity to contribute to the conversation and be part of the evolving energy landscape.

Throughout their journey, the team encountered unforgettable moments that left lasting impressions. One such moment was the visit by Senator David Pocock. His visit brought a surge of motivation and inspiration to the team, as he shared his insights on sustainability and the importance of renewable energy. David Pocock’s presence ignited a sense of pride and reinforced the team’s commitment to sustainable innovation. 

Nicole, the Tech Team Lead, described witnessing the team’s growth “as a very memorable experience”. The conference provided numerous opportunities for team members, such as opportunities for in-kind sponsorships; she also shared that the experience helped foster  “a strong sense of camaraderie and team bonding. It was truly inspiring to see the progress the team had made during this conference.”

However, like any journey, the ANU Solar Racing team faced unexpected challenges. Coordination of logistics and accommodating the preferences of team members proved to be a complex task. Fussy requests, particularly related to food preferences, tested their adaptability. Despite the initial stress and mental health impact, the team rallied together, demonstrating effective communication and problem-solving skills to overcome these obstacles successfully.

In addition to the conference activities, the team encountered moments of joy and excitement. A particular highlight was the car packing session, where Rob, one of the team members, unwrapped the vehicle, creating a sense of anticipation for the team’s journey. This simple yet exhilarating interaction united the team and served as a testament to their collective passion and dedication.

Amidst the conference’s bustling atmosphere, the team also had the opportunity to witness the stunning metropolitan state of Sydney, surrounding the ICC where the conference took place. Fronius, a solar inverter company, presented a height jump test that was showcased. One team member also attempted to reach the top, symbolizing the boundless interactive possibilities offered by the conference. 

Moreover, their journey to the conference coincided with a visit to Greg’s workshop, creating a remarkable blend of experiences. This unique overlap allowed the team to maximize their time and gain valuable insights from both the conference and the workshop. The ANU Solar Racing team’s participation in the 2023 Smart Energy Conference was not only about business and knowledge exchange, it added depth and enriched their overall journey, expanding their expertise in the field.

Stay tuned for the next article as the ANU Solar Racing team continue sharing insights about their upcoming Sundrive Trip. The ANU Solar Racing team’s remarkable journey at the 2023 Smart Energy Conference is a testament to their unwavering dedication to sustainable energy solutions and their commitment to shaping the future of renewable energy.