Solar Car 3

Top Speed:  120km/h

Design: Trimaran

Weight 215kg

Materials: Carbon Fibre & Nomex Honeycomb Body

Battery Chemistry:  Lithium-Ion

Solar Cell Type:  Interdigited Back Contact Cells


The electrical team has been working tirelessly to get the car’s electronics functionally complete for the BWSC in 2023.

The electrical team is split into four subsystems: the battery, the solar array, the control systems and the motor.


The mechanical team is responsible for all of the mechanical parts of the car.
This includes the front and rear suspension, the latching system, the opening mechanism, the fairings, the steering, light covers, brakes and seat belt.


The aerodynamic team created the chassis design for SC3 to be as aerodynamically efficient as possible.
They have recently been making adjustments to make the already efficient chassis even more aerodynamic.